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Can You Use Clorox Wipes On Countertops San Jose?

Aug 20

Are you able to utilize Clorox towels to clean countertops San Jose? One of the most popular and widely used cleaning item in households is Clorox. It's offered in form of wipes for disinfecting as well as a general purpose cleaning solution. Many homeowners are wondering if it is possible to clean granite surfaces with these wipes.

Why Are Some Cleaners Not Suitable for Use on Granite?

There are numerous cleaning and disinfecting products available in the market. But, this doesn't mean that they every one is suitable for use on your countertop. Actually, most of these products aren't appropriate for use on countertops San Jose. Below is an overview and description of common household cleaners that aren't recommended to be used on granite countertops or other surface.

What Steps Can You Take to Ensure Your Granite Stays in Top Shape?

In addition to using granite cleaner as well as different products there are also other items you should look at to ensure that your granite is in good condition. They are listed as follows and further described below.

Make Sure it is Properly Sealed

ensuring that the surface of your granite is sealed correctly is crucial to ensure that it remains in good condition. To check whether your stone has been sealed correctly or needs to be sealed There's a test that you can perform. Place a small amount of water on the surface on your counter or any other surface. Wait for 10 minutes.

In the event that the water is drying out onto the floor this means the seal is still in place. However, when the water seeps through the surface, leaving behind an unpleasant dark mark, it is likely that you must cover the area as soon that you are able to. Sealing is not difficult, and it is also possible to find a wide range of sealants in spray bottle.

Get it cleaned up with the aid of an Microfiber Cloth

If you want to clean countertops made of granite, employ the microfiber fabric. Do not use cleaners that are hard or could cause damage to your surface.

Clean Up Spills Immediately

If you've got scratches on your granite countertop or the top of your vanity, it's crucial to remove them promptly. If you let spills to sit on your countertop for an extended period of time, it can cause damage. Are you in need of help with keeping or cleaning your countertops San Jose? Contact us today.

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