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How Do I Prepare for a Kitchen Design Appointment?

Dec 11

How Do I Prepare for a Kitchen Design Appointment?

The good news is that you have decided to remodel your kitchen. It is important to prepare for your design consultation in order to ensure a successful outcome. These are Atlanta kitchen remodeling contractors top tips for how to prepare for your kitchen consultation.


You can create a scrapbook of your design inspiration and discuss it during your first consultation. You can gather ideas from magazines, books, and an online gallery. The consultation will go much smoother if you have all the components of your vision, personal preferences, and your goals. You should not just choose any image that you like without knowing what it is. 


You can either make a note of the things that caught your attention with a post-it note or write it on the image. You might like the backsplash, cabinets, countertops, or light fixture. It's easy for you to lose track of what originally caught your attention as your inspiration grows and your collection grows to 20+ images.


You probably have many questions about the process, such as how long it will take or which countertop and cabinet brands best suit your lifestyle. Before you meet with the designer, make sure you have a list of questions. This will help you to be specific about the topics that you are interested in. It's easy to forget about something if you don't have a list.


Your scrapbook will be filled with design inspiration. However, a wish list of essential items will allow your designer to ensure that you don't overlook any of these items when designing your kitchen. You should add or modify specific items to your kitchen. Include any items that you do not want to change in your kitchen. Your design professional will be grateful that you have everything down!


It's important to be realistic and honest when determining your budget. This will ensure that your professional does not present you with ideas or plans that are too expensive. It will help you and your designer to prioritize which renovations you need and which ones you can afford.

Bring any material samples you have

It is important to have samples of all the items in your kitchen so that they can be matched. Your designer can use these samples to help you choose the right cabinets or countertops for your space.


Atlanta kitchen remodeling contractors offer free consultations for homeowners. We will meet with you for a free consultation to design your kitchen. Contact 7-Day Kitchen for more information.