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Telford Photo Booths For Weddings

Oct 20

A photo booth is a curtain enclosed booth where guests take photos for fun, memories or a laugh. They are popular at weddings, events and parties for group photos or solo shots.

When selling Telford photo booths, it is important to ask qualifying questions that will help you close the deal. This will ensure you sell the right booth for your client’s event.

Magic Selfie Mirror Photo Booth

A Magic Selfie Mirror Photo Booth is a fun way to get pictures taken at your event. It’s similar to a traditional photo booth, but it has a touch screen and can print photos instantly. It also has a variety of props that can be used. These photo booths are very popular with weddings and corporate events.

A Magic Mirror is the latest in ‘photo booth’ technology and is fully interactive for guests to operate. It features a unique, full length mirror that comes to life when the user interacts with it, and offers a range of premium animations, which can be tailored to each individual event.

The Magic Mirror can also offer social sharing directly from the booth. This makes it easy for guests to post their pictures on Facebook and Instagram. This is a great way to promote your event and increase traffic to your website. Excellency Midlands has loads of space to accommodate a photo booth hire for your occasion. 

In addition to social sharing, the Magic Selfie Mirror can also allow users to sign or stamp their pictures. This is a great way to personalise your event and give your guests a keepsake of their time at your wedding.

The Magic Mirror can be customised to suit your theme, and can even include an optional red carpet for that VIP feel. It can be used as a standalone booth or can be combined with a traditional photo booth to create the ultimate experience for your guests.

Traditional Photo Booths

If you’re looking for something classic and chic, a traditional photo booth is the perfect option. These booths are enclosed and offer privacy so your guests can enjoy themselves without worrying about what outsiders are seeing. They also come with a variety of props and backdrops to create the perfect photos.

If your wedding has a more modern feel, an open-style booth is the way to go. These booths are spacious and can fit more people in a single shot, meaning your friends will have an incredible time taking photos together. Open-style booths also come with a huge selection of outrageous props and top-notch camera quality.

You could even let your guests travel to far-off lands with a green screen photo booth. This type of photo booth lets your guests select a backdrop, whether that be the Eiffel Tower or the beach, and will then take them to another part of the world. This is sure to be a hit at any wedding.

You could also choose a social media booth that will capture GIFs and boomerangs as well as still photos. These can then be instantly shared online and with your guests. Or, you could get a slow motion video booth that will create a fun and memorable video montage of all the champagne pops, confetti tosses and dance floor shenanigans from your big day.

Video Booths

With our video booths your guests can leave you a quirky message on video and also have a picture taken with our props. You can choose photos or boomerangs, or both on the front touch screen and even use the built in black and white filters to make your pictures more interesting.

Once inside the stunning 5ft tall full length mirror your guests can strike a pose, customise their photo with text or emojis and then share it on social media or email it to you. Your guests can enter as many times as they like during your hire and the high quality prints are dispensed from the booth in seconds to give them a fun memento of your big day.

Step in front of the camera and the high speed camera will record a short 4-10 second video using all our neat new props to create exciting videos that can’t be done in normal cameras. Once they’ve reviewed the video, your guest’s will then be able to select 9 still images from the video and have them printed in a photo strip for memories that will last a lifetime!

Entering the booth is easy as it’s self-explanatory and there’s a booth attendant on hand for all enquiries and to assist your guests. It’s completely hassle-free and allows your guests to enjoy the hilarity of throwing shapes, striking a pose and laughing at their own antics with the instant print for them to take away and cherish.

Fancy Dress Photo Booths

Fancy dress photo booths are a great way to get your guests into the party spirit. They’re perfect for children and adults alike and can provide hours of fun. They come with a friendly booth attendant and a wide selection of props to make your party extra special.

Fancy Dress Photo Booths are a great option for weddings in Telford UK because they’re sure to leave your guests with some lasting memories. The photos and videos they create will be perfect for your social media and can even be used in your wedding album. In addition, your guests will have unlimited visits to the booth throughout the night, which means they can take as many pictures as they want. Plus, the high-quality photos will be printed instantly so that your guests can take them home with them.

When looking for a fancy dress photo booth, it’s important to choose one that uses professional equipment. Some companies use webcams and although they might look fine on 6x4 prints, when you print them at full size they’ll be fuzzy and blurry. The best booths will use DSLR cameras and a dye sublimation printer to ensure the best quality photos and prints. They’ll also have a large selection of props including hats, wigs and capes to help your guests look their best.


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